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Corp Droprate

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1Corp Droprate Empty Corp Droprate on Sat Feb 11, 2012 3:39 pm


My in-game name is Michael. I killed corp 211 times and I will list the items I got and droprates. I DID NOT get all the drops in the 211 kills. The drops are as follows:

351x adamant bar:1 in 6.02
75x Magic logs:1 in 8.44
750x adamant arrow:1 in 8.44
Mystic robe top[white]:1 in 8.79
250x runite bolts:1 in 11.72
20x runite ore:1 in 12.41
Mystic robe bottom[white]:1 in 12.41
500k gp:1 in 14.06
Korasi's sword:1 in 15.07
Staff of light[green]:1 in 16.23
elysian sigil:1 in 105.5
dragon spear: 1 in 211
10x manta ray: 1 in 211
spectral sigil: 1 in 211
holy elixir: 1 in 211
dragon legs:1 in 211
spirit shield:1 in 211
Antipoison(3):1 in 211

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